How is your current Music Time?

Are you?

♪  Just doing a Music Time for the sake of ticking a box to say that it’s been done?
♪  Singing the same songs and rhymes week after week?
♪  Beginning to feel it is a pointless activity?

Do you?

♪  Lack the confidence when it comes to Music Time and instruments?
♪  Feel like it is just noisy chaos within the classroom?
♪  Dread it each week? 
 ♪ Feel that your voice is not good enough?

If you are currently feeling like this about your Music Time you need to … STOP! And take a step back!

♪ Music should be fun; it shouldn’t be a box ticking exercise!
♪ You can easily learn new songs to add to your repertoire to stop the ‘same old same old’
♪ Music is such an important part of a child’s development and must not be passed over.
♪ The children don’t need you to have ‘perfect pitch’ they just want to sing.
♪ With thought and planning a Music Time can flow and feel organised.
♪ It can become a time you and the children look forward to each week!

Maybe you’ve never lead a Music Time before and..

♪ You have just started a new position and you need to run a Music Time.
♪ The music specialist is no longer coming and you would like it to continue as it was the children’s highlight of the week!
♪ You’d like to run your own under 5s music classes and would like some help with the structure.

So, would you love to be taught how to..

♪  lead a successful Music Time?
♪  teach songs and rhymes and know what to expect from the children?
♪  use percussion instruments with the children in your setting?
♪  get more from those props that are sitting in your cupboard?
♪  use recorded music easily and successfully?
♪  bring it all together to lead an enjoyable and worthwhile Music Time?

What if you could start that training right NOW?

You can!

The online course is ready to start NOW!  It is delivered over 4 weeks although if you wish to work through it quicker that’s possible too! 

Keep scrolling to find out what is included.

The Magical Music Time 4 Week Training Course includes:

Pre-module Activities

In this pre-module we will find out where you currently are with music in your setting and begin to build your confidence.

♪ What musical activities are you doing?
♪ What props and instruments do you have in the cupboard?
♪ Musical habits that can build your confidence.
♪ The skills you need to lead a Music Time and make it fun!

In this module we will cover the basics of under 5’s singing.

♪  The basics that you need to know about children’s voices
♪  What to expect from the children
♪  Creating a broad repertoire
♪  How to choose songs and rhymes
♪  Playing with sounds (improvising)
♪  Using props to bring songs to life
♪  Linking songs and rhymes to topics or the children’s interests

Week 1 Outcome:

You will be able to select songs and rhymes suitable for the children in your setting.

Musical instruments!  The children love getting their hands on them and so will you by the end of this module.  We will go through a selection of percussion instruments and how you can use these in your setting.

♪  What are the most popular percussion instruments and how are they played?
♪  Making best use of the instruments that you have.
♪  Group instruments according to their sound (timbre)
♪  Playing along to well known songs
♪  Using instruments to accompany stories and poems
♪  Rhythm patterns

Week 2 Outcome:

You will be able to include instruments in every Music Time.

This module is about the benefits of listening to music and how you can easily include this in your Music Time.

♪  The benefits of listening to music
♪  What to expect from the children during listening activities
♪  Creating a varied listening repertoire
♪  How to choose listening material and get more from what you already have
♪  Using props to make listening experiences multi-sensory
♪  Using recordings to develop pulse/beat
♪ The different types of listening activities you can do
♪  Linking music to topics or the children’s interests

Week 3 Outcome:

To select music and an activity to go with it for every Music Time.

In this final module we will be bringing all the knowledge and skills you have gained to plan and deliver a Magical Music Time.

♪  Making your Music Time an interactive experience
♪  Planning your first 6 Music Times
♪  How to structure a Music Time
♪  Hello and goodbye songs
♪  Warm up songs
♪  Connecting songs
♪  How to use the plans you have created
♪  Example of me, Anne, going through a whole Music Time (without children)

Week 4 Outcome:

To plan and deliver an enjoyable and worthwhile Music Time


♪  Hello and Goodbye songs
♪ Connecting songs
♪ …………..

PLUS you get…

Completion Certificate

1 Month's FREE Subscription to a selection of Music Activity Ideas for ~2 to 5 yrs on Early Years Music Ideas

After the first FREE month, the subscription will be £6.25 a month; there’s no contract, the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

This is an optional extra that you can choose to sign up for or not

By the end of the 4 week training programme you will have the knowledge to deliver a Magical Music Time!

What are people saying about the training?

…I have made a start, just looked at the first 3 sections so far and already feel I have learned some useful things. This is just what I have been looking for!


Hi Anne, I’m half way through working through week 1 and can I just say how wonderful this course is. It’s going to make a huge difference to my weekly music sessions.
Just wanted to say thank you


Sensory Mummy Music

I have found the course really useful and it has already inspired me to rethink my music time.


DC Dance & Performing Arts

I just want to say thank you for the brilliant course. I’ve now completed 2 music time session with the children, which they have enjoyed greatly.


Start your training NOW for £149


How does the programme work?

The training is delivered online via a website.  On signing up you will be given your own login details so that you can access the training whenever and wherever you want, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It could be used during PPA time or on training days.

Each week, for four weeks, a new module will be made available to you; this is to help you focus on that week’s topics.  The course is four weeks long but you can work at whatever pace suits you: quicker or longer than 4 weeks; if you complete a module before the next one is released then there is an option to release the next module.  Once the content has been made available you have access for life.

The training is delivered through videos, workbooks and checklists.  You can download whatever you want to keep for your own use.

There is also a Magical Music Time Facebook group just for those taking part in the course; a place where you can share your musical successes and frustrations in a safe non-judgemental environment.

Sounds great, how do I start?

To join the Magical Music Time 4 Week Course just click here.  You will then be taken to a payment page. Just fill in the form and you will be given instant access to the training.  Once you have paid you will receive an email with your login details and an email from me telling you what happens next (please check all folders including SPAM). 

If you have any questions about the course please feel free to send me an email at

I look forward to helping you bring the joy of music to the children in your setting.


A little about me…

I started teaching music to the under 5s in 1998 as a qualified primary teacher and was also the school Music Co-ordinator.  After a break from teaching, to look after my own little people, I setup Musical abc in 2008 to teach music to the under 5s.  I have worked with many children and have gained and developed fun ways to help children explore music. I will be sharing my knowledge and experience of planning and running a successful Music Time through this course.

Here is a short video from me, Anne, about the training.