Help! The music specialist isn’t coming anymore.

Help! The music specialist isn’t coming anymore.

What do you do when you find out you no longer have outside music help or maybe you have decided that you can no longer afford this help?

It was the children’s highlight of the week and you even you looked forward to it every week. 

What do you do?

Panic? ... Stop doing it? .... Reach for a CD?

STOP!  Think, what was it that made it the highlight?

Was it,
  • they got their hands on real instruments every week?
  • they interacted with lots of different props?
  • the music specialist sang with the children not just putting on a CD
  • they listened to different pieces of music and responded in different ways

Don’t rush into thinking that you need to purchase new CDs or props. 

You may already have all you need in your cupboard.  For singing you don’t necessarily need CDs, have a think about what songs and rhymes you and the children already know and also those which you haven’t taught them yet.  What props do you have lurking in the cupboard?  puppets, scarves, soft toys, parachutes.. you might like to look at my blog section 'Props', for ideas on how you can use these: 

If you have real instruments use them. 

If you only have a  few real instruments let the children take turns and/or make some simple homemade instruments to supplement them. If you haven't already got some instruments it is really worth the investment of purchasing some quality musical instruments; these will last you years if you teach the children to look after them properly.

You can recreate elements of what they were doing with the specialist. 

Maybe not playing the guitar, if that’s what they were doing, but you can make your sessions fun, engaging and worthwhile.

So, stop now and write down the type of activities that the children experienced with the outside specialist.  Which of those do you feel that you can confidently recreate each week?  It is not that difficult; you too can deliver a worthwhile and successful Music Time. If you worry about your singing you may like to read the blog I wrote So you think you can't sing: 

If you feel overwhelmed start small. 

Introduce one or two of the activities for the first few weeks then gradually build up to leading a full 20 to 30 minute Music Time.  Although don’t feel you must run to a set length.  I find that when I work in the nursery my time varies with the children depending on their mood and how the activities are going; sometimes we finish early sometimes we overrun. I have been known to run a sessions for 45 to 50 minutes when the children have been really involved and enjoying an activity .  Go with you children and what works for them.

If you'd like a little more guidance...

I can help you.  You may like to take a look at my 'Magical Music Time' 4 week online training programme.  It is available now for you to purchase and then access instantly.  It also has the added help from me through a Facebook group and only those who have signed up for the training have access to the group.  If you would like to find out more please click on this link: 

Happy music making!



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