What’s an Online Training Course?

What’s an online training course-

Have you been looking at my online training and wondered?

  • Could I do it?
  • Do I need to be technical as it is online?
  • Do people know that I’m doing the training?
  • Are there benefits to it being online?

Let me answer those questions


Could I do it?

Yes, all my training is designed to be accessible to everyone in the early years.  The information is delivered through videos, workbooks and also sometimes checklists.  No previous knowledge is needed!


Do I need to be technical as it is online?

No, as long as you have access to the internet, which you must as you’re able to read this blog, then you’re all set. 

The training is delivered securely via a private login and password website; only those who have a login and password can access the training.

All the training is also available to download to your device so that you can watch and listen when you’re not online.


Do people know that I’m doing the training?

No, not if you don’t want them to.  With my paid training ‘Magical Music Time’ and ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up an U5s Music Biz’ there are help and supportive Facebook groups; it is up to you whether you join these or not.  You can purchase the training and do it on your own with no-one knowing that you are taking part.


Are there benefits to it being online?

Yes, there are lots:

  • Access whenever and wherever you want
  • No need to take time off or find childcare
  • No need to travel to training
  • Do it in chunks; whatever way you learn best!
  • Watch videos as many times as you want
  • Pause so you don’t miss anything
  • Much cheaper; the in person equivalent would be a lot more!
  • Fit your training into the time you have free…. plus lots more!

If you’re wondering should I give it try, why not try my FREE online training course 5 Steps to a Musical Setting?  This has lots of help and tips to bring more music into your early years setting plus it gives you a feel for an online training course.  Perfect!

All you need to do is enter you name and email address and you will be emailed your unique login details and password.


Happy music making and training!



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