Just Keep Going No Matter What!

Just Keep Going No Matter What!

My aim with ‘Music in the Early Years’ is to bring music to as many under 5s as possible.

How can I do this?

By supporting early years practitioners whether that be through knowledge, ideas or mindset.

I was reading an article this week that was talking about how, many adults have a negative mindset about their musical abilities and the impact this has on children.  Is this you? I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself actually I want you to feel the opposite!  But ask yourself,

Would you say the negative things you say to yourself to the children?

I’m sure that is a definite NO!

I want you to start thinking how you can help yourself and acknowledge that the musical activities you have been doing are worthwhile. Keep going the children really need you to sing and make music with them!

Also know that It is okay for the children to see/hear you make mistakes; they need to see mistakes as much as a polished performance.

How are you going to do this?

Give yourself a chance by choosing songs that are simple!

I discuss the use of simple songs in my online training course Magical Music Time.  If you struggle to sing along to a backing tracks ditch them for a while and let the children sing just with you; this is actually the best way for them to learn!  Also sing when and wherever you can inside and out!

If you have a box of instruments sitting in the cupboard get them out! 

Let the children play along to songs they know well.  Explore them.  If you don’t have enough for one each let the children take turns.

Include some listening to music. 

There’s so many ways to respond to music: movement, instruments, painting, drawing, constructing…

Create a structure for your Music Time and/or ensure you have a regular time when you do music. 

This will help you and the children as I’m sure you already know they learn best through routines.  If you create a structure have elements that are repeated every week: e.g. hello and goodbye song, connecting songs… 

Would you like some help?

If you’d like help with the structure/recipe for a successful Music Time you may like to consider my online training programme Magical Music Time. The training takes you through singing, instruments, listening and putting it all together. The ideas have been tested and trialled over the years by me so I know they work. There is also a Magical Music Time Facebook group just for those taking part in the course; a place where you can share your musical successes and frustrations in a safe non-judgemental environment plus ask me questions.

If you’re okay with the structure/recipe but you’d really like some ideas/ingredients then please take a look at Early Years Music Ideas. An online resource I have created that includes the activity ideas I use in my sessions, plus more, grouped by themes/topics. 'Magical Music Time' and 'Early Years Music Ideas' work hand in hand with each other.

Whether you would like some help with training or not there’s lots of free help on my website.  Don’t let those negative thoughts stop you. You are doing a great job!  If you’re not ready for a full Music Time work your way up.  Just 5 minutes a day will make a massive difference to the children in your early years setting.

Happy music making!



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