Hello, children love to sing and it helps them develop in so many ways.

Singing + Children =


New Vocabulary

Working Together

Moving the Whole Body




Being Creative


 Plus much more… 

Would you like to develop your understanding of singing and rhymes with the under 5s?

Yes, Please!  Then keep scrolling to read about my online training course. 

This training is currently closed. 

If it is of interest to you, you can gain access to this as part of the Magical Music Time online training, click here to read more about that: https://www.musicintheearlyyears.com/magical-music-time 

Singing and Rhymes with the Under 5's Online Training Course includes:

We will cover the basics of under 5’s singing.

♪  The basics that you need to know about children’s voices
♪  What to expect from the children
♪  Creating a broad repertoire
♪  How to choose songs and rhymes
♪  Playing with sounds (improvising)
♪  Using props to bring songs to life
♪  Linking songs and rhymes to topics or the children’s interests


You will be able to select songs and rhymes suitable for the children in your setting.


♪  What is the pulse/beat in music?

♪ Developing pulse through movement songs...


A Completion Certificate

PLUS.... There is also the opportunity to:

  • There is the opportunity to upgrade to Magical Music Time, at a reduced rate, once you have purchased the training if your wish to learn about delivering the other parts of a music time.  
  • And on the order page the opportunity to sign up for 1 month's FREE access to a selection of activities from 'Activity Ideas for ~2 to 5 Years' on 'Early Years Music Ideas'. After the first FREE month, the subscription will be £6.75; there's no contract, the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

What are people saying about the training?

  • Musical abc

    “The use of playing with sounds and the two/three note songs which we probably don't do so much of. Building up confidence in the children to 'perform' songs. We use a lot of props for song time, but adapting parachutes and the patterned fabrics were new ideas. Love the idea of a sound box. I think the children will love that.”

  • Musical abc

    “I've really enjoyed this module so far. There were some interesting facts about children's singing that I didn't know e.g the vocal range of their voices. Its been inspiring as I am keen to take the knowledge and try it with the children”

  • Musical abc

    “I work in a setting with age ranges from 2-4 and this course has given a good understanding and the knowledge to make singing time fun for all and how to develop each childs singing skills to the next stage. Lots of new ideas to implement in my work setting.

    This course is very informative and stays on topic. I have worked with children for over 15 years and this course is going to help me to enhance my singing sessions.”


  • Musical abc

    “Sarah found useful/enjoyable: "The different activities to support children who are not as confident about singing full songs on their own.”

    Townhouse Nursery, Alsager, Stoke on Trent

  • Musical abc

    “It made me think about ways I could involve the children more at song time.”

  • Musical abc

    “I found it useful learning about children's voices and the different stages.”

    Twinkling Stars Childminder Service

  • Musical abc

    “It gave me new ideas and the tools to try this. I hadn't even thought of children learning tune, phrases elements.”

  • Musical abc

    “Louise found useful/enjoyable: "getting different ideas for circle time”

  • Musical abc

    “I found your song ideas really useful especially the two/three note song suggestions.”

  • Musical abc

    “The videos were great, it didn't feel like a training course, yet learnt alot from it.”

    Westfield Preschool.

  • Musical abc

    “For basic training it was enjoyable to go over things that you know but need a confidence boost to realise that you are delivering activities well. I liked the ideas about using props. Its nice to be refreshed.”

    Deputy supervisor, Ashill Preschool

  • Musical abc

    “It was good to think more in terms of what will the children get from singing a particular song”

    Rachel's Childcare Southampton

  • Musical abc

    “Lovely, simple ideas which can be implemented almost immediately into the classroom”

    trainee teacher

  • Musical abc

    “It was good that you spoke about expectations from various age groups in relation to their singing/rhyming abilities and how props, actions and movement can be used to enhance the musical process/experience”

  • Musical abc

    “I love it! Being a new practitioner in Uk ( I come from Romania) I loved your training. It is very interesting and challenging.”

    Sticky Mits Childcare Centre

  • Musical abc

    “I really enjoyed the training and it gave me different ideas and avenues to investigate. I have a better understanding of what to expect from the children and to think about what i want from the children when teaching a new song.”

    Teaching Assistant in a MLD setting.

  • Musical abc

    “I have really enjoyed this module. I like the sound box idea and have started using it. I also like the use Lycra while singing our songs during the carpet session as it keeps children more focused.”

    Lister Primary School

  • Musical abc

    “The information abut the range in childrens voices. 2 note songs - getting them to be aware of the change in the note and follow. Playing with sounds (sound box game, etc)”

    Butterflies childminding services

  • Musical abc

    “it actually reassured me that I do have quite a good understanding of how to share songs with young children. There were 1 or 2 ideas which I found helpful,like using percussion instruments with singing time,”

    childminder and parent and toddler leader

  • Musical abc

    “Various methods to get children to engage and take part. The websites to find more ideas and books to buy.”

    Little learners childcare

  • Musical abc

    “I had never thought about using props with music i.e. parachute. I think its a very good idea which my children will enjoy. I thought the course was very well presented.”


  • Musical abc

    “I found this very useful, I hold a music group for small groups of children in my setting and now have lots of new ideas.”

    Kingswood Pre school.

  • Musical abc

    “It was wonderful and has given me lots of ideas to use some of the resources we already have in preschool. We will be focusing on learning well known rhymes and will be using our puppets and parachute to make this fun and interactive with our smaller children”

    Great Haywood under 5s

  • Musical abc

    “I found that there was lots of different topics and a great deal of information for each topic, without finding it boring to read and listen to. You have given me lots of ideas that I would like to implement in my own practise. Also, you informed me with tips I didn't know about for singing with the children.”

  • Musical abc

    “I liked the fact that it was videos of you talking and explaining things and not just written pieces.”

    Carla’s Childminding

  • Musical abc

    “In response to, what did you enjoy/like/find useful about the training? How to encourage children to join in with singing and the different phases.”

    Emma's Angels

  • Musical abc

    “Training was easy to understand and follow. Helpful when preparing younger children for school.”


  • Musical abc

    “The training was simple and straightforward to follow with the video format appreciated as the training felt more personal. I found the clear explanations especially valuable and I now have a better understanding of how song / rhyme and music in early years helps many aspects of children's development. I have also finished this short course with more confidence in utilising songs and rhymes effectively with the children, and some ideas of how I am going to do this.”

    Early Years Practitioner

  • Musical abc

    “I found out new ways I can change the way I sing to children and engage them in singing time.”

    Peek-a-Boo Childminding

  • Musical abc

    “The training gave me some great ideas as to how to improve our song and music time in my setting. The links to books and websites were very useful too.”

    Jude Wood Childminding

How does the training work?

The training is delivered online via a website.  On signing up you will be given your own login details so that you can access the training whenever and wherever you want, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It could be used during PPA time or on training days.

The training is delivered through videos, workbooks and checklists.  You can download whatever you want to keep for your own use. It’s self-study, so you can do it at your own pace and you can watch the videos whenever you like, as often as you like.

'Singing and Rhymes with the Under 5s' is the First Module of Magical Music Time.  There is the opportunity to upgrade to Magical Music Time, at a reduced rate, once you have purchased the training if your wish to learn about delivering the other parts of a music time.  

Sounds great, how do I start?

To join the Singing and Rhymes with the Under 5s Course just click on the 'Buy Now' button below.  You will then be taken to a payment page. Just fill in the form and you will be given instant access to the training.  Once you have paid you will receive an email with your login details and an email from me telling you what happens next (please check all folders including SPAM). 

I look forward to helping you bring the joy of music to the children in your setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Do I need to start the training now?

No, you can purchase now and then start when you are ready.

Do I need to complete the training within a set period of time?

No, you take as long as you need to complete the training.  As it is online you can re-watch videos time and time again.

How do I access the training?

Very easily! As long as you have access to the internet on a device (phone, tablet or computer) you can access the training. All the training is done on a secure website. On signing up you will be allocated a username and password. 
Then, click on the link for the secure website, enter your login and password that’s it you can start your training! Super easy!

- Can I share the training with other early years colleagues?

Each training place purchased is for an individual to watch and work through. Although if you work in a nursery and one member of staff undertakes the training and then wishes to pass on the knowledge and activities to others in person that is fine. However, that person CANNOT share their login details and the training material in electronic or printed format: e.g. videos, workbooks, checklists

- Can I do the training if I run an under 5s children’s business?

Yes, the training and activity ideas you are free to use to teach young children. However, they are for your own use. They cannot be used for you to train others for financial gain.

- I’ve done your Magical Music Time training, is Singing and Rhymes the same?

The training is taken from week 1 of the Magical Music Time training; within the training videos there will be mention to other parts of the Magical Music Time training.  There is an option to upgrade to Magical Music Time on the order page and, for a limited time, on the 'Challenge' page of Singing and Rhymes with the Under 5s.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS TRAINING if you have Magical Music Time.  You already have all the information in your training.

I've done your The Singing Box training, is Singing and Rhymes the same?

No, they are two different courses. 

The Singing Box is about how to get more from songs and rhymes.

Whereas 'Singing with the Under 5s' is more about the different types of singing you can do with children and their singing voices.

I'm worried about entering my payment details online, how do I know it is safe?

My website is secure as can be seen by the padlock symbol in the address bar: Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.13.26.png

All payments are done securely through Stripe; your payment details are never disclosed.

A little about me…

I started teaching music to the under 5s in 1998 as a qualified primary teacher and was also the school Music Co-ordinator.  After a break from teaching, to look after my own little people, I setup Musical abc in 2008 to teach music to the under 5s.  I have worked with many children and have gained and developed fun ways to help children explore music. I will be sharing my knowledge and experience of singing with the under 5s through this course.

Anne (B.Ed (hons))

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