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I'm Anne, an Early Years Music Consultant with a First Class B.Ed (Hons) Degree and QTS.

I created Musical abc classes, for the under 5s, in 2008.  After having my two children I wanted to offer parents, carers, and early years settings a music experience designed with everyone in mind.  Using my knowledge and skill as an infant teacher and musician, I created multi-sensory music sessions that could be adapted as the needs arose.

Music in the Early Years, online training and ideas, developed from listening to many early years practitioners expressing their lack of confidence and/or musical ideas. So, using my years of running early years music classes, teaching in the early years and as a musician, I set about creating online resources with the non music specialist in mind.  Ideas that anyone who works in an early years setting can learn and implement. 

Since 2015, I have helped 1000s of early years practitioners taking them through the basics to a musical setting!

The people who I work with are:

  • Childminders
  • Teaching assistants
  • Nursery and Reception Teachers
  • Preschool and Nursery Practitioners

And from all over the world: Canada, Bermuda, U.K, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand ...

My Mission

For every child, at least the under 5s, to have a quality music education! A very big ask! How? By giving early years practitioners the knowledge, skills and confidence to inspire children with music.

Here are a few comments from people who have completed the online training I offer:

  • Facebook Music & the 7 Areas of Learning Music and the 7 Areas of Learning Online Training

    Access for as Long as You Need to Complete the Music and the 7 Areas of Learning online training 

    For those who work with children from 2 to 5 years.
    Covering all 7 areas of learning:

    1. Communication and Language
    2. Physical Development
    3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    4. Literacy
    5. Mathematics
    6. Understanding the World
    7. Expressive Arts and Design 

    Music and the 7 Areas of Learning Online Training has 9 Bitesize Modules.  Each takes you step-by-step through how to include more music in your early years setting.

    By the end of the training course, you will have the knowledge to deliver music activities that can help children in the 7 areas of learning!

    Music and 7 areas testi  I enjoyed every aspect of the training

    (If you are a resident of the UK then no VAT will be added on.  If you reside within the EU the applicable VAT will be added on.)

    “Music and the 7 Areas of Learning Online Training: "I really enjoyed finding out how to include music in maths, and through stories- steady beats and singing elements. Also receiving a lot of info on different music to listen to with the children. I shall definitely be buying a friendship ring, and have already implemented a better structure to exploring different musical instruments - really helping me plan my phase 1 phonics. Great ideas! Thank you!"”

  • Musical abc

    “Music and Schemas Online Training: Lots of ideas to keep and use in the future. Different ways of thinking about schemas, that you may not even have thought about before. Like the use of songs we all know such as "driving in your car" and music such as zorba the greek will be just fantastic to do our music and dancing with. Much better than just dancing to same old songs and nursery rhymes that we usually use.”

  • Musical abc

    “ The Singing Box Online Training: I love the original songs you made by using rhyme from other ones. I love the friendship band :) It was a lovely refresher to make sure we are making use of our resources and can learn new ways to use them. I love the videos of you showing what you do and how this was useful and kept the training interesting inspiring. ( they were great and short and sweet)”

    Northgate Pre-School

  • Musical abc

    “Musical Elements Online Training “I enjoyed the fact that everything was explained simply so that if you were learning about music for the first time you could understand everything.””

  • Musical abc

    “Parachute, Lycra and Friendship Ring Online Training: "I enjoyed finding out how to extend parachute and Lycra play, as I seem to do the same activities, and I will be making a friendship ring as another resource to extend learning." ”

    Clober Early Years Centre

  • Musical abc

    “Soft Toys, Scarves and Streamers Online Training "Thanks Anne for this course which you, as always, provide thorough planning PDFs, explanatory videos, mp3s and relevant links. I like how you gave graphic pdf paper alternatives to finger puppets, and ideas for making streamers and so on from found items in the home. Great connections were made to other arts areas such as role play and dance, other Learning Areas such as maths, and early childhood developmental needs such as fine and gross motor skills, and social skills.”

    Perth, Western Australia