do you have these props in your cupboard? 

parachute (1) 



Lycra (stretchy fabric) 

Friendship ring 

Friendship Ring


Would you love to get more from these resources?

Explore their versatility

Use them to help with children's learning and development

Develop children's musicality


How can I help?

The online training course 'Parachute, Lycra and Friendship Ring' will take you through how to get more from these resources so that you are not always doing the same activities and stuck for ideas!

Giving you great value for money with step-by-step help that is for anyone who works with children from ~2 to 5 years.

Your training will take place on this secure website with your own private login. Where you will be able to complete the online training on a device and a place that suits you: be that a smart phone, tablet or computer in a comfy arm chair or at a desk. 

There are two options to do the training: 'Access for as Long as You Need to Complete the Training' or Yearly Membership of Early Years Music Ideas  Both options are self study so you can decide at what pace you wish to complete it. 

If you choose 'Access for as Long as You Need to Complete the Training' you will be able download the MP3s for your own use and re-visit the training website whenever you like, as often as you like.

With Yearly Early Years Music Ideas Membership, as long as your membership is active, you can revisit the videos as often as you like and download the PDFs and MP3s to keep for your own use. PLUS many other benefits!

Parachute testi  I found the ideas inspiring

Parachute, Lycra and Friendship Ring Online Training Course includes:

We will cover...

  • The benefits of using a Parachute, Lycra and Friendship Ring.
  • How a Parachute, Lycra and Friendship Ring can help with learning and development.
  • Music activity ideas to support your understanding of how a Parachute, Lycra and Friendship Ring can help with learning and development.


You will be able to select suitable music activities using a parachute, Lycra (stretchy fabric), or friendship ring to help develop the children's skills and learning in your setting.

A Completion Certificate

PLUS.... There is the opportunity to:

  • On the order page, to sign up for 1 month's FREE access to a selection of activities from the resource 'Early Years Music Ideas 2 to 5 Years'. After the 1 FREE month, the subscription will be £9.75; there's no contract, the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

What are people saying about the training? 

  • Musical abc

    “I wrote down some new songs to me but as you was talking I found myself thinking of all the different songs we use daily and how we could use them .
    The short demonstrations were really good just enough to point you in the right direction of how to use it with the children .

    Made me realise just how many different benefits there are to using them and in my head was really thinking of a lot of children whom would benefit in different ways.
    I in particular work with children with sen so some really good ideas here and some really simple .”

  • Musical abc

    “Lots of great ideas to use in the future”

  • Musical abc

    “The training has broadened my ideas and has boosted my confidence to use the lycra parachute and friendship ring.”

  • Musical abc

    “Loved the ideas relating to putting the music into actions using the resources and song ideas and download links”

    Vicki's Childminding

  • Musical abc

    “I have a friendship ring, lycra square and a parachute. I enjoyed finding out different ways that I could use them and focus on music.”

    Early Years Teacher

  • Musical abc

    “I enjoyed finding out how to extend parachute and Lycra play, as I seem to do the same activities, and I will be making a friendship ring as another resource to extend learning.”

    Clober Early Years Centre

  • Musical abc

    “I found useful all the different uses for the parachute Lycra and friendship ring and how to put this into practice.”

    Early years practitioner

  • Musical abc

    “I liked the demonstrations and I liked learning new songs to sing to my nursery children.”

    Nursery Practitioner

  • Musical abc

    “I liked the very organised way everything was set out and supported with downloads and music links etc.
    I found the ideas very inspiring and am looking forward to putting them into practice.”

  • Musical abc

    “The training has given me lots of ideas to try with the children I care for. I already had a parachute but never used it with the children. I have printed off the ducks and kites and ordered a friendship ring. I am really looking forward to incorporating this training into my day to day activities with all the children. Thankyou”

    Val's Childminding Service

  • Musical abc

    “Some great song ideas and listening activities”

  • Musical abc

    “Found it beneficial as it enhanced my knowledge with new ideas when using the parachute. I had heard of a friendship ring before but wasn't sure what activities to do with it. So i'm gonna be investing in one for my workplace. Provided me with lots of new ideas and broaden my knowledge on how beneficial these experiences are.”

  • Musical abc

    “Lots of great ideas. Off to buy some material and elastic to make a friendship ring!”

  • Musical abc

    “Enjoyed: "Ideas with the Lycra and friendship ring. We already use a parachute but it was really good to see the use of Lycra and friendship ring.”

  • Musical abc

    “I'd never heard of a friendship ring and have now invested in one to use alongside the parachute in our setting. Liked the variety of songs and rhymes too.”

    Little Robins Childminding

  • Musical abc

    “I have loved the new ideas for songs and movements to do with the parachute, friendship ring, and lycra. We have a parachute at our setting and have a few ideas but felt quite limited with what to do with it. This training has extended my ideas and given me the confidence to think a little more outside the box with songs and rhymes that we enjoy in the setting also.”

  • Musical abc

    “I have done previous in depth training a number of years ago and we use these resources on a regular basis, but it was nice to hear about a couple of new ways we could use familiar songs on the lycra. i have never heard the version of somewhere over the rainbow and i know my two yr olds (many with special needs) will love that as a relaxation/calming activity with scarves or voile. the links to all the amazing benefits of these types of activities will be really useful to share with parents on our videos.”

    Krafty Kids

  • Musical abc

    “Fantastic course!”

  • Musical abc

    “I enjoyed it thoroughly. Especially the number of different songs that we can do between the three equipment pieces”

  • Musical abc

    “I found the training very informative. It contained lots of ideas and good resources.”

  • Musical abc

    “Lots of ideas.
    Love the song choices and all the different ways it can teach skills to the children”

  • Musical abc

    “Lots of ideas which I hope to implement to help the children develop focus, listening skills and foster teamwork. Also like the opportunities to relax and have fun!”

    Moy Regional PS

  • Musical abc

    “Really easy to follow and understand.
    lots of great resources to take away and try”

    Heycroft primary school

  • Musical abc

    “I was brought a parachute a couple of years ago and never used it, it sat in the box., on my shelf. After doing this training I use it all the time, in fact I now have 3.
    I have also made several friendship rings and have stretchy material.
    I would never have used these resources without this training. Thank you”

    (in Perth Australia)

  • Musical abc

    “It was great to get some different ideas to use in classes.”

    Happy Hands Club

  • Musical abc

    “This training was fantastic! I have just started my own baby and toddler classes but lacked confidence with introducing lycra/ parachutes/ friendship rings but this has given me lots to think about in terms of how to incorporate them in my storytelling sessions, thank you!!”

  • Musical abc

    “All very useful and practical. Easy ways to implement these ideas with the children.
    Good to get back to thinking about using simple & basic elements of music with the children in an engaging & fun way”

  • Musical abc

    “i like the short videos as its easy to learn and understand. It can be picked up at any point so i like the flexi learning aspect”

    Gentle Tots

  • Musical abc

    “The course gave me lots of great ideas to use in my setting and it was helpful that it showed clear links to the areas of learning and characteristics of effective learning. The videos were informative and not too long and the pdfs will be very useful.”

  • Musical abc

    “I liked hearing different rhymes that could be used. I will be borrowing some of these!”

    Whitkirk Primary School

  • Musical abc

    “it was very useful, a lot of creative ideas.”

    Dovecote Preschool

  • Musical abc

    “Really simple ideas to enhance the children's learning. Can't wait to get started!”

    Annie's Nursery, Insch

  • Musical abc

    “Hi Anne, I found the program to be so inspiring and most useful. I particularly liked that you included lots of specific songs to use. I cannot wait to try these out. I am teaching Music to 5-6 year olds (in Australia) and this has given me so many ideas that they will love.”

    Primary school teacher

  • Musical abc

    “I particularly enjoyed learning some new songs and have purchased the friendship ring which is hugely popular with the children.”

    Chatterbox Pre-School

  • Musical abc

    “I now feel that I have a bank of ideas to use with the children. It was especially helpful to see each activity demonstrated by Anne. I hadn’t really thought about using the parachute/Lyrca as props before nor using the parachute to play with sounds. It’s given me many ideas, thank you.”

  • Musical abc

    “I really enjoyed finding out about how to use the 3 different pieces in lots of different ways, and the various tunes you can incorporate in to using them.”

    TLC childminding

  • Musical abc

    “It was great to see how songs we sing everyday could also be used with the parachute/lycra/friendship ring.”

  • Musical abc

    “I enjoyed all the training, and has given me confidence to use it in many lessons as I teach special needs children.”

    Maes Ebbw school.

  • Musical abc

    “Really easy to follow and understand.
    lots of great resources to take away and try”

    Heycroft primary school

  • Musical abc

    “I found it all very useful, knowing that there are specific learning characteristics to using the three props not just for fun. And how you’ve incorporated the Eyfs points in the sections!”

    Lil beatz dance school

  • Musical abc

    “I loved the new ideas for different songs and activities. Lots to engage children of different ages and abilities.”

    Early support SEN & Inclusion team.

  • Musical abc

    “In response to, what did you enjoy/like/find useful... about the training?
    "All of it. It is important for me to respond to the children's interactions and this helps to know what to do and how to extend that.”

    Autism Early Support

  • Musical abc

    “So very practical, was able to get so many new ideas and open up my mind as to a million ways I can use these resources within our current program.”

  • Musical abc

    “I absolutely LOVED this training. I have always had a parachute and friendship ring (Giant Scrunchy) in my settings but I definitely needed some fresh ideas and suggestions.
    This training material was extremely well organised, easy to follow and the videos were all great.
    The printable training booklet was really useful and having everything referenced throughout was an added bonus.
    Thank you for providing such an inspirational training course!”

    Tithe Barn Preschool

  • Musical abc

    “Gave me fresh ideas on how to use them.
    I struggle sometimes to keep my lessons exciting for the PMLD children in my class”

  • Musical abc

    “I loved the instrumental pieces of music. I think it’s great to introduce children to different genres. I wouldn’t have thought of those without this training.”

  • Musical abc

    “great to have a range of songs to use rather than the ones we use time and time again”

    Tender Years

  • Musical abc

    “Thank you for the great easy to follow training. i've never heard of or seen a friendship ring being used so this was a great introduction and something i am going to invest in. I found the videos informative and learnt some new rhymes/ songs to use with the parachute.

    i think its a great training programme with lots of useful practical ideas.”

    Private nanny

  • Musical abc

    “I enjoyed learning new songs to use with the parachute, lycra and friendship ring. It is interesting to know and understand the theory behind these resources.”

    Hope School

  • Musical abc

    “I've got lots of great ideas that I will use in my preschool settings. It was great having the videos demonstrating the different equipment and the songs to sing.

    A lovely training course, easy to follow, with lots of great ideas.”

    Early Years Practitioner

  • Musical abc

    “I found the training so useful! I am a nursery teacher and have just finished my 1st year teaching nursery. Previously, I taught children between 5 and 9 years old, so I didn't use the parachute or lycra as often. I am always wanting to develop my knowledge further and find out ways to help develop the children's skills and this training has just been fantastic for me! I had never heard of a friendship ring before, but will definitely be investing in one after this. I have taken so many ideas from this and I love how you can incorporate many songs and rhymes into these items, such as Old MacDonald and 5 Little Ducks. I have both 2, 3 and 4 year olds next year, so these ideas will be great to do in little groups. Thank you so much.”

    St. Patrick's Nursery

  • Musical abc

    “In response to what did you enjoy/like/find useful... about the training? "All the different ideas to use with a resource that I already have.
    All lovely."”

    Rugby School Thailand

  • Musical abc

    “I really enjoyed all the demonstrations, so many great ideas.”

  • Musical abc

    “I have around 3/4 songs and games that I’ve used. But you have shown me to use more on songs/music and even story/ imagination. Thank you”


  • Musical abc

    “I enjoyed finding out what props worked best with each of the songs I sing at nursery.
    It gives older nursery rhymes a modern twist.”

    Worcester Early Years Centre

  • Musical abc

    “I have really enjoyed this training and has given me lots of new ideas and made me think about what we already do and how I can incorporate the songs we already do by using a parachute or friendship ring to enhance a song.
    I will definitely be using some of the ideas given in this training”

  • Musical abc

    “I found the length of the videos perfect.
    Easy to adapt the information for use in my setting.
    Can start it right away with the children!
    Real-life examples of how to adapt, like the crocodile puppet for Row row row your boat.
    Understanding the heartbeat of music / what we sing.

    Well-thought-out training. It inspired me to carry out what I had learnt.”

    Early Years Practitioner

  • Musical abc

    “Thank you so much for the training. It's giving me more ideas about how to use the parachute and open up a new word about lycra and friendship ring.

    Great content all in all. Thank you again”

  • Musical abc

    “I found the training useful on how I can make the music lessons for my SEND EYFS children more practical and engaging through the use of props, and using the parachute, lycra and friendship ring in various ways.”

    SEND / EYFS teacher

  • Musical abc

    “I loved hearing the songs, I have used parachutes on and off over my 23 years in Early years and haven't really thought about using them along nursery rhymes.
    The training has sparked lots of ideas that I can't wait to put into our planning. A few of our children are quiet and reserved and hopefully these activities will encourage them to participate and build their confidence. Thank you so much!”

    Sparkling Minds Pre-School & Day Nursery

How does the training course work?

There are two ways to access the online training course. 

Available NOW with 'Access for as Long as You Need to Complete the Training' or 'Yearly Early Years Music Ideas Membership'

The training is delivered online via a website. On signing up you will be given your own login details so that you can access the training whenever and wherever you want, 24 hours a day.

The training is delivered through videos, workbooks and checklists.  There are around 1 hour and 39 minutes of bitesize videos included in the training.

Sounds great, how do I start?

Choose below how you wish to access the training; the differences are shown below.

(Please note, if you are a resident of the UK then no VAT will be added on.  If you reside within the EU the applicable VAT will be added on the order form.)

Parachute testi  Fantastic course! (1)

Access for as Long as You Need to Complete the Training


Per Trainee for Access for as Long as You Need to Complete the Training

You can download the PDFs and MP3s to keep for your own use.

It’s self-study, so you can do it at your own pace and you can watch the videos whenever you like, as often as you like.

Included with Yearly Early Years Music Ideas Membership


first year then £8 a month thereafter

As long as your membership is active:

You can download the PDFs and MP3s to keep for your own use

It’s self-study, so you can do it at your own pace and you can watch the videos whenever you like, as often as you like.


You gain access to five other popular online training courses.

100s of activity ideas

A NEW mini-training guide each month

and lots more ...

 Get this training for FREE

If you have paid for 12 months access to 'Early Years Music Ideas 2 to 5 Years' or you have had membership for over 12 months, you will automatically be able to gain access to this training on the NEW EYMI 2 to 5 years website. 

Don't have access to Early Years Music Ideas 2 to 5 Years yet? Sign up NOW for 12 months access and you will automatically gain access to the training.  Click here to find out more about signing up >>>https://www.musicintheearlyyears.com/early-years-music-ideas-2-to-5 <<<

Access is on the NEW Early Years Music Ideas 2 to 5 Years website and available for as long as your membership is active

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How do I access the training?

Very easily! As long as you have access to the internet on a device (phone, tablet or computer) you can access the training. All the training is done on a secure website.  On signing up you will be allocated a username and password. 
Then, click on the link for the secure website, enter your login and password that’s it you can start your training! Super easy!

- Can I share the training with colleagues?

Each training place purchased is for an individual to watch and work through.

That person CANNOT share their login details and the training material in electronic or printed format: e.g. videos, workbooks, checklists.

- Can I do the training if I run an under 5s children’s business?

Yes, the training and activity ideas you are free to use to teach young children. However, they are for your own use ONLY.   THEY CANNOT BE USED FOR YOU TO TRAIN OTHERS FOR FINANCIAL GAIN OR BE ADDED TO A FRANCHISE CURRICULUM.

I'm worried about entering my payment details online, how do I know it is safe?

My website is secure as can be seen by the padlock symbol in the address bar: Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.13.26.png

All payments are done securely through Stripe; your payment details are never disclosed.

If I change my mind after purchase, can I get a refund?

This is a digital product and is delivered immediately after purchase and therefore under UK law doesn't fall under the 14 day 'cooling off' period.  This means that you won't get a refund 

Will the training show demonstrations with groups of children?

Sorry no, for child protection reasons this is not possible.

How long will the training take to complete?

There are around 1 hour and 39 minutes of bitesize videos included in the training.  It will vary from person to person and it is self-study so that you can work at a pace that suits you.

A little about me…

I started teaching music to the under 5s in 1998 as a qualified primary teacher and was also the school Music Co-ordinator.  After a break from teaching, to look after my own little people, I setup Musical abc in 2008 to teach music to the under 5s.  I have worked with many children and have gained and developed fun ways to help children explore music.

In 2015 I started created music training for early years professionals through ‘Music in the Early Years' and  have helped over 1000 early years practitioners with music in their early years setting

Anne (B.Ed (hons))

me circle

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.