Food and Drink Themed Rhymes

Food and Drink Themed Rhymes

I have always found food/drink themed songs and rhymes are always popular with the children.  I try, when I first introduce a food/drink song/rhyme to the children, to also have an example of at least one of the items mentioned in the song/rhyme, either the actual ingredient or a picture of it.  I do this as a multi-sensory experience to help more children engage in the activity.  Here are some examples of songs and rhymes that I used with an ingredient to enhance the experience.


1 Potato

I use 7 potatoes (small potatoes), as I sing the song 1 Potato with the children.  I try to stack the potatoes on top of each other, which is tricky because of the shape, as we sing the song.  The children love it when we get to the ‘7 potato more’ and I let the potatoes fall!


Banana Banana

Banana Banana is a great repetitive rhyme that involves body percussion: e.g.clapping, jumping…  I have found that the children learn the rhyme quickly because of the repetition in the rhyme alongside using the visual of a banana.  I hold the banana up when the children need to say the word banana.


Smoothie Shakey

The Smoothie Shakey is a song that I wrote to the tune of the Hokey Cokey.  I wrote it when I wanted a new movement song that also included something that many young children were familiar with drinking, a smoothie.  I always show the children a picture of all the fruits that I mention in the song.  Plus I give them a chance, on the first introduction, to smell some blackberries.


All three songs/rhymes can be found in the Activity Ideas for ~2 to 5 Years in the Early Years Music Ideas Resource.  If you would like to find out more please click here: 


What are your favourite food and drink inspired songs and rhymes? I love to hear in the comments section below.

Happy Music Making!



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