Make Music Day

Make Music Day

On 21st June ‘Make Music Day’ is celebrated around the world.  What music making are you going to do today?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Outside Music

I have taught many music time sessions outside.  Click here to read about 5 different activities that have a musical element that you may like to try:


10 nursery rhymes that I know the under 5s love.

Does your mind go blank when it comes to thinking of songs to sing?  Would you like a little help?  Click here to read 10 songs that I know children love to sing:


Music and movement

Click here for 7 songs and rhymes that I know will get children moving:


Bring out the Show Person!

How can you bring out the show people in your early years setting?

Choose some exciting music and, as long as the lyrics are suitable, let the children express themselves to the music.  Click here for some examples of how I have used recorded music to bring out the show person:


Happy music making!



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