Time for a change this Autumn!


Time for a change this Autumn; are you fed up with the ‘same old same old’?

Do you struggle to think of new activity ideas? Are you fed up of doing the same ideas every Autumn? Well, why not think about the more unusual events that happen during Autumn like ‘Talk like a pirate day’, ‘Hug a bear day’ or even ‘World Food Day’.

Talk like a pirate day

  • Maybe get everyone dressing up as a pirate for the day. 
  • Make treasure maps - go on a hunt with clues
  • Bury treasure in the sand pit.
  • Create an assault course outside or in a large indoor space: benches walking the plank, crash mats the pirate ship, hoops to step in to avoid the crocodiles…

Hug a bear day

  • Everyone brings in a bear for the day.  Have some spares just in case anyone forgets.
  • Set up bear related activities throughout the day that the children can do with their bear.
  • Teddy bears’ picnic
  • Teddy bear walk that leads to the picnic.  Set up pictures or clues on the route that the children need to collect before they reach their picnic.
  • Create or buy a bear stamp.  Using a large sheet of paper let the children create bear footprints with the stamp.
  • Read bear stories: Goldilocks, Can’t you sleep little bear series,  Old Bear

World Food Day

These are just a few, I’m sure you can think of many more; get your thinking caps on!

You may also like to download by free song plan below, Autumn Leaves are Falling:

Happy music making!



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