Chase away the winter blues with music!

Chase away the winter blues with music!


Winter needn't feel blue in your setting! Singing and listening to music may be the answer you are looking for!

Singing is proven to release endorphins the 'feel-good' chemical.  There have been numerous articles written about the benefits.  The Science of Singing, Singing changes your brain, Clinical Research on the Benefits of Singing ... and there are many more.

Also listening to music can lift your mood when you’re feeling a bit fed up.  I know it is a brilliant pick me up for me!

What nursery rhymes/songs can you think of that make the children’s faces smile, and yours, when you sing?  Take a minute to write a few down.

The children I work with love ‘When all the cows are sleeping’ and ‘Horsey, horsey’.  These are both movement songs.  A variety of sit down and movement songs are must with children in the EYFS. You could even try singing Horsey, horsey when they are outside as a way of keeping warm. 

I have also been known, when it is raining, to get the children under a shelter and sing songs about rain.

Also, have a quick think about the pieces of music that make you feel happy…What songs/pieces of music do you love to listen to? Take a minute to write a few down.

If the lyrics are suitable why not use these with the children.  You could even play them in the morning as the children arrive to set them off in a happy mood!

Two songs that come to my mind are Happy by Pharrell Williams and Shine by Take That.  I have heard these two being used in schools as entry music for assembly but equally, they could be used as children arrive in the morning.  You could also use these for a movement or painting activity: let the children move to the music or ask them to paint happy thoughts whilst listening to music.

So, let’s chase away the winter blues with music this winter!  Singing, listening to music or making music for even 5 minutes a day will help beat those winter blues but will also develop your children's musical abilities and help in other areas of learning too! 

What musical activities can you bring to your setting this Winter?

Happy music making!



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