Exploring the senses!

Exploring the senses!

Exploring the senses!

It is British Science Week in March.   How can we explore this in the EYFS and put a musical twist on it?  Using the senses is a brilliant starting point for very young children.  Below I have put forward an idea of how you can use music and each sense:

Hearing: listen to a wide genre of music: pop, electronic, jazz, folk, classical…

Sight: Listen to music or sing songs whilst you change the amount of light.  Why not project a light on a surface? 

Or use fabrics to create different visual environments. 

Touch: Feeling instruments and discussing the different materials they are made from: wood, metal, plastic.  Ask them questions about how they feel:

Do they feel hard or soft, or warm or cold?

Is it heavy?…

Taste: If you’re celebrating one of the Saints' days maybe try some of the food associated with that country whilst listening to music from that country.  Ask them questions about the taste:

Have they tried it before?

What does it taste like?

Smell: Link this to the tasting.  Let the children smell the foods before they try them.  Maybe let them smell the ingredients rather than the finished dish.

Ask the children about what they think of the smells?

Is it a smell they have smelt before?

These are just a few ideas.  How else can you link music with the senses?

If you would like more information about British Science Week please click on this link https://www.britishscienceweek.org/



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