Are you currently just doing Music Time for the sake of ticking a box?

Are you currently just doing Music Time for the sake of ticking a box-

Does the thought of Music Time make you feel scared, worried, frustrated…?

Maybe you sing a few songs with the children or try to avoid doing it altogether as you just don’t know what you should be doing.  It just feels like a box ticking exercise, not an enjoyable experience.

So, take a step back and think why are you thinking this? 

Is it because you…

  1. ...don’t have ideas
  2. ...are not sure what resources to use
  3. ...lack confidence in your own abilities
  4. ...just think music time is just about learning songs…

Whatever the reason it doesn’t need to feel like this.

Let’s go through those four points:

1. I don’t have ideas

Where could you look?  If you don’t have any ideas/song books in your early years setting then the internet is always a good place; even have a look around my 'Freebies' and 'Blog' page on here (the links are above in the header above).

What recorded music do you have?  Have a look at home if there’s a shortage in your setting.  Listening to music is an important part of a child’s musical development.  The music doesn’t need to be designed for children as long as the lyrics are suitable, let them listen.

2. Resources

What do you have in your cupboards? a parachute, puppets, fabrics, soft toys… How could you use these during your Music Time? Props bring a Music Time to life.   I always ensure that there are props used throughout every Music Time I lead. You may like to read my blogs on props here: 

3. Confidence

If you currently avoid singing because you feel that your voice is not good enough you are actually disappointing the children.  That may sound a strange thing to say but honestly, the children are not bothered whether you think that you can sing or not, they just want to sing.  Just give it a try.  Start by choosing songs with a very simple tune and ones that you know off by heart.  That's not an excuse to start reaching for a CD.  Children will learn far more if you sing without accompaniment.  If this is still bothering you then you may like to read my blog 'So you think you can't sing': 

If it is the thought of standing in front everyone that worries you then I can guarantee the more you do it the easier it will become.  When I first started Musical abc I was extremely nervous.  Those who have known me for a long time know that I’m quite a shy person.  Through determination and lots of practice I have overcome this fear; I know the children love Music Time and they look forward to it each week and I want to fulfil that need. 

Go for it! What’s the worst that’s going to happen?  You make a mistake.  Well, the children won’t care they just want to enjoy music.

4. Music time is just about learning songs

Music Time is so much more.  It is also a time to listen to music and a time for children to express themselves.  We need to give children these opportunities during a Music Time.   I have already mentioned that it is important for children to listen to music.  Well now think, how could you use that recorded music?  How can the children express themselves whilst listening to it?  It could be through movement, painting, drawing, constructing or even just sitting quiet whilst they listen.

If you would like more help, please take a look at my Early Years Music Ideas Membership: 

Happy music making!



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