My 5 favourite songs to sing during a Music Time

My 5 favourite songs to sing during a Music Time

Do you have songs that you love to sing with the children?  I’m going to share with you my five favourites although it was hard to whittle it down to five:

1.Twinkle, Twinkle

I love that most children know Twinkle twinkle. The song has a tricky tune but I hear so many under 5s trying to sing it; it's wonderful to hear. 

Although I think the main reason I love this song is it brings back memories of when my two children were little. My husband and I used it as the closing song before they went to sleep. They know once they heard it, story and song time had finished, it was time for sleep.  

2. Horsey Horsey

I have hobby horses that the children sometimes wear when we sing this song.  They are brilliant!  The children and adults always enjoy them.


They add to the fun but they’re not essential.  On the occasions when they don’t have the prop they still enjoy moving around as we sing.

If you'd like to learn the words and tune please click here: 

3. She’ll be coming round the mountain

The children love the chorus ‘ay, ay, yippee yippee ay’ especially the yee-haa! To be honest I love singing the chorus too! We always do an action on the yee-haa! (arm crossing the body) and the children delight in this movement.

If you'd like to learn the words and tune please click here: 

4. Down in the jungle

Down in the Jungle

A chance to sing and dance; two of my favourite past times!  This is definitely a song that gets the children moving.  They love doing the pose at the end: jazz hands!  I usually sing this song whilst moving a gorilla puppet; this encourages the children to join in with the singing and movement.

5. Jelly on a plate

The actions are great in this song: wiggling, throwing arms in the air, shaking arms... a time to be silly.  The children always smile and laugh during this song.

I'm sure you can see a theme running throughout: fun!  Music activities need to be fun and enjoyable.

What's your favourite songs?  How do you approach them to get the children involved?

Happy music making!



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