What’s a banana got to do with a Music Time?

What’s a banana got to do with a Music Time-

What’s a banana got to do with a Music Time?

This week I’ve been bringing a banana to my classes. Why, you might ask? The topic that I’m following this half term is food. The children have been smelling different foods each week that then leads to a listening activity: popping popcorn, birds eating blackberries…this week, the banana.

The banana has been a great stimuli for conversations with the children. They smell it just before we do the listening activity and they tell me whether they like it or not and other information that they would like to share. I then tell them bananas grow where it is warm and one of these places is in the Caribbean. We then imagine we are on the warm beach in the Caribbean eating a banana. Then we listen to ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid (as it has a Caribbean feel to the music) and the children pretend they are swimming under the sea: sea fabric and bubbles = GREAT FUN! Adding sensory elements to a Music Time add to the magic. What sensory elements could you add? Happy music making! 


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