Fabrics and Autumn

Fabrics and Autumn

Fabric and autumn are probably not two words you would put together.

The reason I use fabrics for my autumnal musical activities is because of their lovely floaty quality; a light piece of fabric moves just like a leaf falling off a tree during autumn. I use a variety of fabrics: scarves, fabric leaves and a printed voile.

Fabrics leaves

The fabric leaves are great for the children to watch.  I bought some shop display leaves and took the wire out so I was left with just the silky leaf.  When working with the children, I grab a handful and throw them into the air and ask the children to watch what happens as they fall.  This is great to encourage discussion with the preschoolers and the toddlers sometimes show me what is happening with their hands.


I usually follow up the fabric leaf activity by giving each child a scarf.  They are encouraged to move the scarf like they saw the silky leaves falling, by: throwing the scarf and catching; blowing it as if it is in the wind; twirling it around them…. I usually model these moves so that the children know what to do.   I then put on some autumnal music and off we go!

Leaf printed voile

Another autumnal musical activity that I do is to sing a song as we move leaf printed voile.  The very young children love to sit underneath as the fabric moves towards them as I sing the song.  The preschoolers help me move the fabric and join me in singing some of the words of the song.  The song that I sing is: Autumn Leaves are Falling.   If you would like to access an activity plan for this song, please sign up below.

You could even take these activities outside and let the children experience the wind and leaves for real as you listen to the autumnal music or sing autumnal songs.

Happy music making!



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