10 Reasons Why Listening to Music is a Must in The Early Years

10 Reasons Why Listening to Music is a Must in The Early Years

Do you currently avoid listening to music with the children because you’re not sure when, what and how to use it?  It really is worthwhile and enjoyable. So keep reading to find out why I always include a listening element in my music time and why I think it’s a music must-have for your early years setting.

What do I mean by listening to music?

It could be you do an activity whilst listening to music during your music time, take part in another activity whilst listening to music or even use it in your routines.

What sort of music do you listen to?

Anything! Rock, Pop, Jazz, World Music, Classical, Film Scores… As long as the lyrics are suitable let the children listen.  Don’t limit the children to just listening to children’s music.

Why is listening to music in the early years a must-have?

  1. The main reason is children’s listening preferences are made very early in life so it is important that they listen to wide genre of music from rock, world music to classical.
  2. You can link it to the children’s interests or your topic/theme
  3. You can share the music that you love with the children; as long as the lyrics are suitable!
  4. It is another activity that you can add to your music time.  
  5. It can be an easy activity: put on the music and move!
  6. You can get the children to respond to music in lots of ways: moving, sensory experience, painting or drawing, constructing… to name a few!
  7. You can use it to tidy up; choose a piece of music that you just use for tidying
  8. You can also use it to welcome the children as they arrive in the morning.  Maybe play the music that you have or will be listening to during your music time.
  9. You can build up the children’s favourite collection of music.  Then allow them to independently listen in a music area or listening area. 
  10. You can access free listening material on YouTube and Vevo.  There are many different genres available but please check it is appropriate and it is a legal version before you play it to the children.

So, do you think you could give it a try? Experiment, try listening at different points during your day to see what works in your early years setting.  The listening element of my music time is always a firm favourite with the children.

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If you would like to learn more, please take a look at my 'Musical Discoveries: Listening to Music in the Early Years' online training: https://www.musicintheearlyyears.com/musical-discoveries-listening-in-the-early-years 

Happy music making!



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