Learning something new!

Learning something new!

I have taken timeout to learn something new, poetry!

Not for my own pleasure but to help my son revise the 15 poems he needs to know inside out for his English Literature exam.

There’s plenty that I could be doing within my business but my son needs my help so I’ve taken on the challenge to learn about these 15 poems; this is not easy for me as I find studying English tricky!  So that I can help with the revision I’ve needed to learn new words, e.g. enjambment and juxtaposition, and understand their use within poems.  I’ve also utilised skills that I haven’t used for a long time: note take and essay planning.

How and why might this relate to you? 

I’m sure just like me, with my son, that you would like to help the children in your care in all areas of their development.  This includes the expressive art of music.  If the thought of leading a ‘Music Time’ is making you feel how I felt about poetry before I started studying: confused, unsure where to start, frustrated, bored, above your current knowledge… I could go on … then like me you need to stop and think, what can you do to help yourself?

Gain new knowledge and skills!

My mission was to gain an overview of the 15 poems so that I can question and challenge my son: mission accomplished!  I now have the knowledge to help him. I don’t have the knowledge to teach GCSE English Literature BUT I do have enough knowledge about these poems to help him.

How can this apply to you?

You don’t need to be a musician or music teacher to lead a Music Time in the Early Years.  You may need to do some research, training and learning but with practice, you can lead a Music Time!

How did I do it?

I have learnt all that I now know about the 15 poems from watching videos, using workbooks, listening to podcasts and reading information books.  The learning I have fitted in around my teaching and I’ve even enjoyed the challenge.  Yes, it has taken up some of my free time but I now know I can really help.

If you would like help learning how to lead a 'Music Time' I can help.  There's lots of information on this website under my 'Blogs' and I also offer online training under 'Online Training.  

WE never stop learning; I never thought at my age I would be studying poetry again!

Happy music making!



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