Eyes on Me 1,2,3!

Eyes on Me 1, 2, 3!

Do you like to use songs and rhymes in your routines?

Would you like some songs to get the children's attention?  I have gathered together some songs that I have heard, found and created to share with you.  Here are 6:

Carpet Song

(tune Frere Jacques)

Are you criss cross? Are you criss cross? Eyes on me? Eyes on me? Hands in your lap Hands in you lap. Quietly Quietly

Everybody do this

Everybody do this, Do this, do this Everybody do this Just like me!

Eyes on me!

Eyes on me 1, 2, 3 (change the length of the pause between each number name depending on how quickly you want the children's attention)

Hands go up

(tune twinkle twinkle)  You may like to do the actions the song suggests as you sing.

Hands go up, and hands go down! I can turn myself around. I can stand up on one shoe! I can listen, so can you! I can sit. I'll show you how! Storytime is starting now!

The Listening Song

(tune Frere Jacques)

Eyes are watching, Ears are listening. Lips are closed, Hands are still. Feet are very quiet, You should really try it. Listening well, Listening well

Finger on your lips

(tune If you're happy and you know it)

Put your finger on your lips, on your lips, sh sh Put your finger on your lips, on your lips, sh sh Put your finger on your lips and don't let it slip Put your finger on your lips, on your lips, sh sh

I hope you manage to find something that you can use in your early years setting.  If you are looking for other musical activities for routines you may like to look at this blog: https://musicalabc.simplero.com/blog/2914-3-musical-ideas-to-initiate-tidying-up 

Happy music making!


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