We’re Going on a Journey to the Seaside!

We’re Going on a Journey to the Seaside!

We’re going on a journey to the seaside!

Along with the theme Animals, I have found ‘Travel and Transport’ is a firm favourite with the children.  ‘We’re going on a journey to the seaside!’ is a line from a song I wrote to get the children to play with sound; I ask them to make the different transport sounds, with the car sound usually being the favourite!

Do you have a collection of travel and transport themed songs and rhymes up your sleeve? Whether you follow a topic/theme or the children’s interests it is worth having a section that you can call on.


What Travel and Transport songs and rhymes could you sing/say?

Here is a selection of travel and transport  themed song and rhymes that I sing/say with the children:

Coffee, Coffee Is a fantastic rhyme that uses words to give the children the feeling of a train with the musical focus being on tempo (speed).

We’re going on a journey to the seaside! This won't be a song that you've heard before as, I mentioned earlier in the blog, I wrote this to help the children experiment with vocal play.  The children love moving like the different methods of transport and making their version of the associated sounds.

The Big Ship Sails A great song for getting the children moving and emphasising the pulse of the music (the heartbeat of the music).  

Zoom, zoom, zoom.  The song is great for getting children to wait; they love anticipating the jumping up when the rocket zooms off!

Row, row, row your boat.  I usually sing this song with the children using a piece of stretchy fabric and a crocodile puppet.  Again, as with the big ship sails, there is an emphasis on the pulse with the rowing in out; the fabric is a great way to help the children with this.


Most of the songs and rhymes mentioned above can be found on my Early Years Music Ideas website. Click here to read more about it: https://www.musicintheearlyyears.com/early-years-music-ideas-2-to-5 


Happy music making!



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