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Galloping Around! (1)

Travel and Transport is a fun topic/theme that the children really enjoy.  I usually start this topic with the focus of travelling on the land, e.g getting around by walking or by horse.  Horse related songs, rhymes and music are great as a stimulus to get children moving as they sometimes struggle to think how to move; having a focus really helps them.  e.g. trotting or galloping like a horse.

I sometimes use the hobby horses as shown in the image below. I use these with the children inside and outside.  Ideally in a large space so the children are able to move easily around each other.  If you don’t have these hobby horses not to worry the children still love moving like horses.



Songs and Rhymes

My favourite horse-themed song is Horsey Horsey; it is loved by many of the children I work with too!

Horsey horsey don’t you stop

Just let your feet go clippety-clop

Your tail goes swish and the wheels go round

Giddy up, we’re homeward bound.

 There's an activity plan for this song in the online resource Early Years Music Ideas 2 to 5 years, Click here to read more about Early Years Music Ideas

Listening to music:

I also use the piece of music 'Post Horn Gallop'.  I encourage the children to move like horses in a race including little jumps.  To avoid bumps I encourage everyone to move around in a circle in the same direction.

Here is the music if you would like to listen:  

What is your favourite song/rhyme or horse music?  I’d love to hear, please write any others in the comments section below, thank you.


Happy music making!



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