Wow, She’s up and Dancing!

Wow, She's up and Dancing!

It is amazing how a music activity can help with a child’s self-confidence. 

I attended a nursery to do a music time with a new group of children; their response was fantastic and I love how music can bring a smile to a child’s face.  The activity I remember most was the listening activity.  This activity involved the use of fabric and bubbles.  As it was their first session I knew these props would be great to help the children respond to music. 

All but one of the children joined in with the activity. The music played as the children watched the fabric floating and then they were up dancing/moving to the music as the bubbles were being blown.

Once the music time was over one of the adults spoke to me about the children’s response to the session.  The one comment that stuck with me, and prompted this blog, is the adult was amazed to see one particular child up dancing and laughing to the music; she had never seen her do this before!


So why I am sharing this experience with you?

How we approach music activities can help children develop in confidence and in other areas of their learning.  With listening activities, there are times when putting on music and letting children move to it in their own way and maybe a little adult modelling, for those who are unsure, can work well.  Although we also need to give children different ways to approach listening to music: 

  • Moving/Acting with and without the use of props,
  • Mark making,
  • Drawing,
  • Painting,
  • Modeling,
  • Constructing….

During every Music Time I lead, there is always a listening activity and ensure I use a variety of activities and stimuli so that children can find a way that they enjoy expressing themselves. 


If you would like to learn more about how you can use music to help in other areas of learning, please take a look at my Music and the 7 Areas of Learning Online Training Course:

Happy music making!



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