Teacher to Trainer

Teacher to Trainer

When I was teaching in Reception my music time was mainly delivered by using BBC Radio Tapes; yes tapes, this was in the 1990s!  This was a whole school approach as it ensured there was consistency and progression throughout the school.  Sometimes with my class, when we had hall time, I would also give the children the opportunity to explore expressive movement as I improvised on the piano; I stood at the piano and created different patterns, pauses, and changes in dynamics that the children loved to interpret through their own moves!  

When I became the music coordinator for the school I went on a course that opened my eyes to the possibilities of moving beyond playing a recording (tape) that dictated the structure of the music time to a more creative and child-centred approach.  Once I returned to school after the training I was asked, by my head, to create a staff meeting to share ideas from this course; I spent a long time creating the training that would work for my colleagues.  When I delivered the staff meeting/training I remember being nervous about being judged. Yes, there were a few mistakes but afterwards I was asked if could I do more in the future; everyone had enjoyed the training and wanted to implement the ideas.

It took many years for me to take the step from being the teacher to the trainer BUT that experience back in the 90s was my starting point.  I now plan and deliver online training that uses my many years of knowledge and understanding of teaching music in the early years to help ALL early practitioners.  Helping them deliver enjoyable, developmentally appropriate, and easy-to-implement music activities no matter their musical skills.

If you would like to see how I can help, please take a look at my Early Years Music Success Path™️.  It will take you from being new to music in the early years to having a musical setting: https://www.earlyyearsmusicsuccesspath.com/

Happy music making!



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