5 Well-Known Songs with a Christmas Twist

5 Well Known Songs with a Christmas Twist (1)

Are you struggling to find Christmas songs that you can sing with the children?  Why not take songs that they know well and change the words slightly or change all the words but keep the same tune?

The full versions of the following are included in the December section of my Early Years Music Ideas Membership

Change a few of the words:

Here are 4 examples of songs that I have created.  I’m sure there are other songs that you know that you could do something similar to fit the Christmas theme. 


Horsey Horsey could become:

sample Reindeer, Reindeer don’t you stop


She’ll be coming around the mountains could become a song about Santa:

Sample He’ll be coming on his sleigh 

Wind the bobbin up could become:

Sample 1 Wind the tinsel round (Instagram Post (Square))

My hat it has 3 corners could become:

Sample My tree it has 3 corners


Changing all the words

I have also taken the well-known song '1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive' and changed all the words to a Christmas theme.   

1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive could become:

Sample Ready, steady off we go


If you have Early Years Music Ideas, during late November and all of December, you can access all the words to these songs, and the plans and recordings for each.  Click here to access them (you will need to enter your login details: https://early-years-music-ideas-2-to-5-years.simplyeducated.net/courses/26204-december 

If you don't yet have membership, please click here to find out more:

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I'd love to hear about well-known songs that you have changed slightly for the Christmas theme.  You can write them in the comments section below.

Happy music making!



Joanne Mwawa

I love these! Thank you! One I love especially after Christmas when Jingle bells is still fresh on little minds is changing the words to..

'Icy toes chilly nose winter time is here.    My teeth chatter, what's the matter? Winter time is here!' 

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Anne Hole

That's great, thank you for sharing Joanne. 

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Incy wincy spider climbed up the Christmas tree,

Down came the snow and made the spider freeze,

Out came the sunshine and melted all the snow, 

So incy wincy spider had another go! 

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