Music Time

My 5 top tips for running a ‘Music Time’ in the EYFS

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1. Start by choosing songs you already know!

Why?  It will boost your confidence with running a music time. You know the words and tune already so you can just go ahead and teach the song/rhyme!

What? These can be nursery rhymes or well-known children’s songs or rhymes

2. Learn each song/rhyme for a maximum of  5-8 minutes in one sitting!

I have found that children lose interest if you spend longer than 5- 8 minutes learning a song.  It is also the most beneficial in terms of retention of th…

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Ready, Steady, Play!

Ready, Steady, Play!

Is there an aspect of play in your Music Time?

What do I mean by this?  Activities that give the children a chance to explore sound and express themselves at their level.  I think music can sometimes follow the same path as art and design in the early years; it becomes too focused on the end product rather than letting the children explore and experiment.  That’s not to say we don’t teach the children to sing songs but we need to ensure we are giving them equal opportunities.  So, how can you a…

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