Fabrics and Autumn

Fabrics and Autumn

Fabric and autumn are probably not two words you would put together.

The reason I use fabrics for my autumnal musical activities is because of their lovely floaty quality; a light piece of fabric moves just like a leaf falling off a tree during autumn. I use a variety of fabrics: scarves, fabric leaves and a printed voile.

Fabrics leaves

The fabric leaves are great for the children to watch.  I bought some shop display leaves and took the wire out so I was left with just the silky leaf.  Whe…

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Spring is nearly here!

It is nearly spring

Spring is nearly here!  Do you take your children on walks? Why not take them on a spring walk and make it a multi-sensory experience? What do you have nearby that you could explore?

  • A bluebell wood.  A fantastic experience for sight and sound. 
  • A farm:
    • lambs for the children to see and maybe feed
    • farm shop with the new spring vegetables.
  • Hedgerow walk.  Looking at different changes to the hedgerow.
  • If you live in a city go to a park where there are trees and bushes

Then get the…

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