Composing Music

Let’s Play with Sound: Improvise!

Let’s Play with Sound- Improvise!

Do you ever let the children improvise sounds?

What do I mean by this? Making sounds up as you go whether that be on an instrument or using the voice.

Instrument play with claves


On the run-up to Easter, in my classes, we singing hot cross buns whilst playing claves but I also give the children the opportunity to experiment with creating patterns on claves too.  I start them off by creating a repeated pattern; they can copy me if they wish or they can create their own.   I also encourage th…

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Composing music with children is not as hard as you think!

Composing music with children is not as hard as you think! linkedin

The idea of composing music with children fills some educational professionals with dread. 

If you currently feel like this take a step back!  We ask children to compose paintings, drawings, dances… music is no different! Just know what you are trying to get from the children is appropriate for their age.  You’re not asking them to compose the next Pop song or Classical work.  No more in art are you expecting them to paint Pop Art or Classicism

Break it down.  What you need to be asking them …

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