The Importance of Music in the Early Years

How Can Music Help in the Prime Areas of Learning?

How Can Music Help in the Prime Areas of Learning_

Music can help in all 7 Areas of Learning.  In this blog, I'm going to go through how you could use music to help with the Prime Areas of Learning: Communication and Language, Physical Development, and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


Using Songs/Rhymes to help with Communication and Language


Opportunity for children to:

  • Listen to rhythmic patterns
  • Recap words
  • Be introduced to new words
  • Help them understand words
  • Say simple sentences...  plus much more

What can you…

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Wow, She’s up and Dancing!

Wow, She's up and Dancing!

It is amazing how a music activity can help with a child’s self-confidence. 

I attended a nursery to do a music time with a new group of children; their response was fantastic and I love how music can bring a smile to a child’s face.  The activity I remember most was the listening activity.  This activity involved the use of fabric and bubbles.  As it was their first session I knew these props would be great to help the children respond to music. 

All but one of the children joined in with the…

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Twinkle, Twinkle and the 7 Areas of Learning

Twinkle twinkle and the 7 areas of learning

Twinkle, Twinkle is a song that is known by most people and I am sure it is one of the first songs that many parents sing to their newborn child.

So, with this in mind, how can we use a song like Twinkle Twinkle to help children develop in the 7 areas of learning?

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

We can use Twinkle, Twinkle as a starting point for a mu…

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Everyone Needs a Chance to Shine!

Everyone Needs a Chance to Shine!

Music affects so much of my life, even listening to some music brings me to tears; I don’t know why, it just does!  Music is a massive part of my life.  I don’t profess to be a professional musician but I love listening to music, playing the piano, composing, teaching and helping others to gain confidence in leading early years music.

This blog has taken a lot of courage to write and share with you but I’m going to be brave and tell you my story. Why? Because music is slowly being pushed out of…

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7 reasons why music is so important in the early years

7 reasons why music is so important in the early years (1)

Is music in the early years important?  Yes, for definite!  You may think that I am biased as it is my specialist subject but I have read and seen first hand the difference it can make.  I have identified areas where I feel music makes a difference in a child's development in the early years.  There are probably many more but here are my 7 reasons why music is so important in the early years:

1. Universal Language:

No matter what language a child speaks music can be appreciated and understood …

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