Not the Wheels on the Bus Again!

Not the Wheels on the Bus Again!

Singing familiar songs regularly with young children is an important part of their development.  Although it doesn’t mean you need to be singing the same songs and/or in the same way every day.

When I talk to many adults in nurseries and preschools they mention they are fed up with singing the same songs.  One of the songs that children ask for constantly is, ‘The Wheels on The Bus’.  Does this sound familiar?

How can you overcome this?

  • Vary how you approach a song.
  • Create a repertoire lis…

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My 5 favourite songs to sing during a Music Time

My 5 favourite songs to sing during a Music Time

Do you have songs that you love to sing with the children?  I’m going to share with you my five favourites although it was hard to whittle it down to five:

1.Twinkle, Twinkle

I love that most children know Twinkle twinkle. The song has a tricky tune but I hear so many under 5s trying to sing it; it's wonderful to hear. 

Although I think the main reason I love this song is it brings back memories of when my two children were little. My husband and I used it as the closing song before they wen…

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Singing + Children =

Singing Children


Singing is such a wonderful experience for all.  In the video below Prof Sarah Wilson, an expert in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology, discusses what happens to your brain when you sing.

In summary, she says:

When you think about singing or are singing, large areas of the brain light up!

  • Motor Networks
  • Auditory or Listening Networks
  • Planning and Organisational Networks
  • Memory Networks
  • Language Networks (if singing words)
  • Emotional Networks

Plus it releases dop…

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Tweet Tweet

Tweet tweet

I am lucky to be able to listen to the birds singing to each other from my office in the garden. There is one bird, we think it is a blackbird, who sings a very non-bird like tune.  It sounds like the start of a song but you never hear it complete; just the same unfinished musical phrase every time.

Why am I telling you about this?

When children first learn to sing they don’t always complete a  phrase or sing a complete line, just like the bird.  We need to acknowledge that this okay and is n…

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7 Songs/Rhymes That Get Children Moving!

7 Songs%2FRhymes That Get Children Moving!

Music and movement go together like cheese and crackers, a chair and table, rain and an umbrella.. you get the idea; they complement each other.  So, I have listed 7 songs and rhymes that I know will get children moving!

1. Grand Old Duke of York.  Who can sing this nursery rhymes without moving?  The words tell the children what to do.  It is great for emphasising the pulse (the beat in music).  If you're not sure about what is meant by the pulse/beat please watch my video below:

2. Animal …

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50 Song and Rhymes

50 Songs and Rhymes

What song and rhymes will you sing/say with the children in your early years setting in the next year?

Here are 50 songs and rhymes, in alphabetical order, that I have sung or will be singing in the next year: 

  1. A hedgehog is very prickly
  2. Aeroplanes, aeroplanes
  3. An elephant
  4. Baa, baa black sheep
  5. Bobby Shaftoe
  6. Big Bear
  7. Christmas pudding
  8. Cobbler, cobbler
  9. Coffee, coffee
  10. Cows in the kitchen
  11. Cuckoo
  12. Dr Foster
  13. Dingly dangly scarecrow
  14. Down in the jungle
  15. Five little ducks
  16. Five little men

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3 Great Movement Rhymes

3 Great Movement Rhymes

Movement songs are great.  Songs that have movement may help the children learn the words, develop a sense of pulse/beat and other musical elements.  There are many movement songs but I have chosen 3 which both the children and I enjoy.

1 Grand Old Duke of York

The children love marching to this song and it is particularly good for emphasising the pulse with the strong marching within it.  Also once the children know it well, I encourage them to explore pitch with their body: when we say up (w…

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9 Books That You Can Sing

9 Books That You Can Sing

There are many books that you can add some singing to, whether that be a word, a phrase or the whole book.

I've added affiliate links to Amazon for your convenience; just click on the image of the book.

Here are 9 that you might like to try:

Monkey Puzzle

Here is a breakdown of how I approach the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  This was one of my children’s favourite books when they were young!

What musical elements can we focus on that will bring the story to …

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Me, Singing?

Me, singing-

Does the thought of singing make you feel stressed?

I was reading an article by Richard, a choir director, that discussed adults believing they cannot sing.  He remarks

‘I have yet to meet anyone with amusia - a musical disorder which apparently affects 4% of the population.’

Here’s the link if you’d like to read it:

I can’t remember how the conversation came up but I was telling a lady about this article…

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5 Great Action Songs

5 Great Action Songs

Action songs are great.

They can make a song fun and enjoyable to sing and they can also help the children learn the words.  I sometimes make actions up to help children learn the words.  There are many action songs but I have chosen 5 which both the children and I enjoy.

1. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.

This is a song I vividly remember singing as a child.  My favourite part was missing the words out.  If you've never done this you would hum instead of saying the body parts:

  • First verse …

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