15 Weather Props

15 Weather Props

Do you use props during your music time? If not, it is worth considering as they can really help children engage through a sensory/interactive element to an activity. I have listed below 15 props/resources that I have used with children from 0 to 5 years in weather themed songs, rhymes and listening activities.

1. Scarves: I have used these in activities where children listen to music inspired by rain, snow or wind

2. A Parachute: Is a good way to create the effect of wind for songs and listening activities, e.g. pretend it is a sail, tree… blowing in the wind

3. Lycra (stretchy fabric): As an alternative to the parachute.

4. Bubbles: These are great to represent rain and snow; the children love trying to catch and pop the bubbles.

5. Hats: I have used hats to encourage children to dance.   The children move their sun hat around as they dance to music

6. Snowmachine: I used this at my parent/carer and child classes when listening to snow inspired music. You can see an image below from one of these sessions.


7. Snow Fabric: I have floated this fabric over babies when they have been listening to snow inspired music.

8. Umbrellas: Are great for songs like 'Please open your umbrellas'. Also when listening to music with a snowmachine.

9. Projector: I have projected images or videos of different weather on a wall or pop-up tent. I once projected a rain video on the pop-up tent whilst the children walked underneath it; the children loved it!

10. Sequinned Blue fabric: I have used this sequin fabric with all children to represent rain falling as we have sung/said rhymes.

11. Windmills: I have used these with babies where the adult blows them as they listen to music.

12. Fan: During my adult/carer and child classes I attached ribbons to a fan. The child/ren with their adult danced around to the music whilst watching the ribbons move.

13. Mini Kite: I bought one of these from a supermarket and floated it over the children whilst we sang songs and listened to music about the wind. 

14. Rainbow Printed Fabric: Great for rainbow songs and recorded music. The picture below was taken in one of my baby classes


15. Streamers/Ribbons: the children love dancing with these to music. I have used them with rainbow and wind music activities.

Simplero membership Early Years Music Ideas 2 to 5

If you are looking for Weather themed music activities for children ~2 to 5 years then I can help! Take a look at Early Years Music Ideas: Click Here to read more about Early Years Music Ideas 

Happy music making!



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