Backing tracks are not the only way!

Backing tracks are not the only way!

Backing tracks are not the only way!

If you currently put a children’s music CD on to get the children singing why not occasionally have a break from this and lead the singing 'a capella' (without instrumental accompaniment).  If you worry that your singing is not good enough I assure you it is and the children want to hear you sing.  You may like to read my blog ‘So you think you can’t sing’ here is the link: 

There are many benefits to singing 'a capella' with the children.  The main being it allows you to play around with songs: slow down, sing at a pitch (the note you start singing on) that is good for you and the children.  You can even adapt a song to make it easier to sing (simpler words and tune).

Some of the benefits of singing 'a capella':


Slow it down

You can teach a little of the song at a much slower pace which allows the children to hear the words and tune.

Change pitch

You can sing at a pitch that is within the children's singing range.  Many children’s backing tracks are recorded in a key which means you need to sing really high which maybe out of the children’s singing range. 

Adapt the tune

I take traditional nursery rhymes and sometimes say them if the tune is too difficult or change them so that they are really simple. e.g. See saw Marjorie Daw:

Here it is sung to the simple tune:

Here it is sung to the traditional tricky tune:


Adapt the words

You can change the words to a song so that they are easier for the children. e.g. miss words out, change them to words they understand, repeat phrases rather than the children learning too many words....

Also no need to pause and find!

Using a CD or MP3:
  • You can try to learn a song by playing it from start to finish and then repeating this process but I'm sure you wouldn't be able to do this more than 3 or 4 times before losing the children’s interest. 
  • For you to practice a little at a time you will need to keep going backwards and forwards to find the part that you want to practice.  
Singing 'a capella':
  • You can stop and start without wasting time.
  • Keep the children's interest as the learning process will flow
  • You would achieve lots in only 5 minutes

I challenge you this week to learn a new song and then teach the children without the use of a backing track.  Go on give it a go I bet you may even enjoy it!

Happy music making!




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