3 ways to easily include music throughout your early years setting

3 ways to easily include music throughout your early years setting

Does the thought of including music stress you out?

Music doesn't need to be stressful in the early years; there are many ways that you can include it throughout the day. Here are 3 ways to easily include music throughout your early years setting:


Think about all those routines that are done throughout the day in the early years: instructions, transitions, tidy up time, arriving and going home, and maybe a register... How could you include music within these? It could be using pieces of music or singing songs. It doesn't need to be tricky. What about playing music as the children arrive in the morning or using music within your tidy up routine? You may like to read my blog 3 musical ideas to initiate tidying up:  https://musicalabc.simplero.com/blog/2914-3-musical-ideas-to-initiate-tidying-up 

Music Time

A time that is dedicated just to making music.  One session every week for around 20 to 30 minutes depending on the age of the children. It should be a time that both you and the children look forward to every week. If the thought of 20 minutes worries you build it up slowly. You may also like to read my 5 top tips to running a music time in the EYFS blog: https://musicalabc.simplero.com/blog/2898-my-5-top-tips-for-running-a-music-time 

Performing Area

This is a place where the children can show you what they know in regards to performing arts (music, drama, dance); develop ideas from a music time or dance/movement time or any other performing arts experience; and/or work with adults 1 to 1. This is area is a must! Just as children have the opportunity to paint, draw, build, construct... independently they should also be given the opportunity with the performing arts. If you'd like to know more details about these and also including live music and, what I like to call, my 5 minute wonders then you can sign up for FREE to my mini online training programme 5 Steps to a Musical Setting. It is completely FREE to take part in.  The training is done by video and a workbook all via your own private login on a website meaning you can access it 24 hours a day whenever you are ready! Plus you will receive my weekly newsletter and occasional offers on the training I provide.  What's not to like! To sign up please fill in your details below: 


Happy music making!



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