It Is Okay to Make Mistakes!

It is okay to make mistakes

We are only human after all! 

I have made mistakes in front of the children before and I’m sure I will continue to do so.  Whether it be getting the words and tune wrong, strumming the wrong chord on my guitar… I will correct myself or let the children know that I didn’t quite get it right.  Mostly they just accept it and we carry on but sometimes they find it funny or sometimes even look at me with wonder!  All is fine.  I’m sure you know that as an educational professional, children need to know that we don’t always get everything right.  The learning process is as much about making mistakes and trying again as it is about getting something right the first time.

Is making mistakes or the worry of getting it wrong, stopping you from doing music?

Is it singing?

Help!, I can't sing?

If you question your singing ability as you don’t think it is good enough, I can assure you that it is!  I have discussed in previous blogs that there are very few people who have ‘amusia’, an inability to sing in tune.  The difficulty we put ourselves under is trying to sing songs that are too tricky.  The key is to simplify the type of songs that you sing with the children in your care.

What singing can you do with the children?

Again simple is best.  Simple tune, words, and rhythm.  I discuss the different types of singing as part of my Early Years Music Ideas membership, if you have membership, click here: 

If not, click here to read more about membership: 


What else can I do that's not just singing?

Challenge yourself to try a new musical activity with the children and don’t worry if it doesn’t go to plan.  For example: encourage the children to respond to music through movement or art (painting, drawing, collage); play instruments along to stories and poems; play with sound with both voice and instruments….

Don’t let a few mistakes hold you back!  Make this year a creative musical year with the children in your early years setting.

Happy music-making!



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