Ready, Steady, Play!

Ready, Steady, Play!

Is there an aspect of play in your Music Time?

What do I mean by this?  Activities that give the children a chance to explore sound and express themselves at their level.  I think music can sometimes follow the same path as art and design in the early years; it becomes too focused on the end product rather than letting the children explore and experiment.  That’s not to say we don’t teach the children to sing songs but we need to ensure we are giving them equal opportunities.  So, how can you approach this? 


Here are a few examples:

Vocal play

Explore onomatopoeias in well-known songs.  Initially, the children will need you to give them ideas but they will soon come up with their own.

For example:

  • Old MacDonald: (e.g. high squeaky woof or a low sounding woof for the dog) 
  • 5 little ducks (e.g quack slowly or quickly)

or replace the onomatopoeia

  • 5 little men (create different sounds instead of the whoosh)


Playing with sounds on an Instrument

One way is to encourage the children to make sounds on instruments to go with songs, rhymes or stories.  After singing or reading a story/poem explore different instruments so the children can work out what would work well to accompany it. A good story to use is 'We're going on a bear hunt'  

For some good stories, you might like to read my blog:  9 Stories That You Can Sing: 


Moving to music

Movement and music are a must!  We can help the children express themselves by using props or setting up a stimulating environment.  Here is an example from the Filosofiska Facebook page.

Some of the above can then be followed up in a music/performing area. Put the resources that were used in the music time so that the children can then explore and experiment in their own way.

Ready, Steady, Play!

If you'd like to learn about the above ideas and more, take a look at my Early Years Music Ideas Membership: 

Happy Music Making!



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