Storytelling through Music and Movement

Storytelling through Music and Movement

Have you thought about using music as a stimulus for storytelling?  This could be through songs, rhymes, or listening to music.  In this blog, I’m going to focus on listening to music by either using the lyrics or the theme of the piece of music.  It is important to select the right music as this can really help with the storytelling.  I find it is easier if you choose pieces of music that were written to represent something e.g. animals, transport, theme music from films and TV shows…

Here are a couple of ideas to get you thinking:

One listening activity that the children and I really enjoy is listening to 'Car Wash' by Rose Royce.  We use a prop of a scarf or pom-pom and this really helps with the storytelling.  I give the children the narrative before we start listening and then, as the music is playing, I suggest some movement ideas.  E.g. I start by saying get your cloth (scarf/pop-pom) wet in the bucket; wash the roof of the car; wash the windows; then the sides and last of all the wheels.  I also ensure there is time to let the children explore their own moves

Another is the song ‘Under the Sea’ from the film, 'The Little Mermaid'.  The lyrics within this song tell a story that the children can easily follow with movement.  I use a large space so that the children can move around easily.  To help with the storytelling, I put images or props to represent 'under the sea' around the room. I would also model different moves for the children: e.g. swimming moves, splashing, moving like different aquatic animals, and a mermaid.  

If you would like some 'under the sea' images that you could use with this activity then you can sign up below for a download.  Once downloaded, print out and laminate, then put them at various points around a room; if you put them on the floor Blu Tack them down or put them on a non-slip mat so the children don’t slip over when moving around.  

PDF Download 5 A4 images to use with 'Under the Sea'

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Have a think, what pieces of music could use to help with storytelling?

Happy music making!



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