CPD During the 6 Week Holiday

CPD During the 6 Week Holiday

Are you looking to learn something new during the long 6-week break?  Would you like to develop your understanding of early years music?

If yes, I can help!

To get you started you might like to take my quiz:

Other Blogs that might help

Blogs that talk about PDP: https://www.musicintheearlyyears.com/blog/categories/9223-pdp 

If you would like to do more with nursery rhymes, take a look here: https://www.musicintheearlyyears.com/blog/categories/9203-nursery-rhymes 

Maybe you would like to plan the next year and would like ideas for different celebrations: https://www.musicintheearlyyears.com/blog/categories/9202-celebrations 


Happy Music Making!



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