Do you dread the annual Christmas concert?

do you dread the annual xmas

Here is a little insight into my experience of Christmas concerts over the years and what I have learnt to make it easier for all involved.

I taught Reception and Year 1 in a primary school.  Every year we did a Christmas concert for the parents/grandparents.  I remember, even as a musician, it being a very stressful time.  As I played the piano I was asked to learn to play all the pieces of music that accompanied the concert, even though there was a backing CD, along with teaching the children…

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World Animal Day, Halloween and... are here soon!

World animal day.. blog

 Do you like to connect EYFS activities to events that are happening in the year?

October brings with it lots of different events.  Some you may not be so familiar, for example on 4th October it is World Animal Day.  I wrote this song about it a few years ago to celebrate: 

There is, of course, Halloween and it is Walk to school month too.

If you like to multi-sensory activities here is a sensory idea for Halloween: a nature potion or magic spell!

Before hand you will need:

  • 4 or 5 plast…

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